Elite Luxury Companion


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Well known and perfectly reviewed coast to coast, I am usually Touring So Please make sure to check out my tour schedule to see where I'm at currently before contacting me! If we have not met..


    I am The ideal choice for those who seek and appreciate the finer things in life..

Elegant, sensual and sexy, I understand my worth and I look only for those who want the absolute best! I redefine pleasure, as well as the art of high class companionship. You will see that I am really one of a kind!
~I do not offer sessions, I offer Experiences!~

        I maintain a flawless figure and pride myself in my sophistication and class! I work out and do yoga, and take extremely good care of myself. I'm best suited for man not only looking for the absolute finest Italian woman made, but a woman to stimulate him from the inside-out! I'm college educated and can connect with you on every level. I can personally guarantee any time spent with me will be pure bliss from start to finish, no matter our surroundings! I strive to make sure every moment we share will be perfect! Im erotically driven, and those who've met me know, I truly enjoy all of my sessions more than most providers do, and you can tell!

..When you hear Candi Staxx you think Passion and Lust...   and a name you can Trust!


                               ~YES, I WILL SOON BE LEAVING THE HOBBY~

(Also, I've recently decided to move the date up a little sooner than originally stated)


   Yes, as a few of you already know, I have decided it is time for me to leave the hobby to move on with other things in life. I have told many of you that I would be leaving early spring time next year, but after going over some things, Ive decided there's no need to stay around that long- I will hanging up my heels December 13thth! 

    It's been an amazing 5 years! I've learned so much about myself, about life. I've now seen and explored 39 states, and met so many interesting and awesome men along the way! I've saved allot of money, invested some, and now here I am at 25, ready to move onto the next phase in my life. The thought of saying Goodbye to this lifestyle scares and excites me so much! Yes the money was great, and it is funding my new life choices. But more than anything, I've grown so much as a woman and a person, through the hobby. I will really miss a lot of you! Thank you!

 I came into the hobby, "The Game", and played it right.. and I won! (=